Hamed Ahmadi

Senior Director of Software Engineering and IT

Why I joined

I lost my father to cancer. We tried everything and nothing could help. Through this experience, I got to know many people who were focused on helping patients, and it changed my mindset about how I wanted to spend my energy. To make a positive social impact, I started volunteering for environmental NGOs and working in the renewable energy industry. I never thought my expertise could contribute to a cause that could have potentially saved my father or given him quality years with his family. Then I heard about Guardant.

What drives me

Unfamiliar territory can be scary at times, but having these new experiences is a driver for me. I need to constantly solve very complex problems using technology. When I do, the personal satisfaction is huge.

How Guardant’s different

People are driven by the cause. They care about the outcome, not just “doing their job.” The engine always runs at high gears, and our mission drives us to sustain that fast pace.

Best perk

Working with technology that only very limited number of people in the world understand. Helping deliver that technology to people who need it is why we’re here.

Personal note

I picked up photography as a hobby to share my view of the world. Now, when I am not working, I’m often traveling or walking around taking shots. I also take wellness seriously. We kicked off a group of coworkers who do a daily workout in the gym at the office. It’s fun and has gotten people in shape.