Access new treatment options with a
breakthrough blood test

For patients with advanced cancers, targeted therapies can provide promising new treatment options. But without a clear genomic picture of your tumor DNA, these therapies are out of reach. Guardant360 provides this picture with a simple blood draw.

Is Guardant360 right for you?

I want to avoid the risks, potential delays, and costs of a surgical biopsy


Our test gives patients with advanced cancer comprehensive genomic information about their tumor with a simple blood draw

My cancer is progressing, and I need treatment options now


Guardant360 can help match patients with advanced cancer to new treatment options

I need to re-sequence my tumor for up-to-date results


With Guardant360, all you need is a blood sample


“I said I will be happy to give up two vials of blood if we might be able to find something.”


“I want to get through treatment again and know it's the right treatment for me”


“My medical oncologist is very much aware of the Guardant test and said 'I think this would be a really good idea.”


“I'm still here. I'm still doing great.”

Guardant360 helps patients

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How Guardant360 works

It starts with a simple blood draw

All you need is an order from your doctor and two tubes of blood. No tissue biopsy needed.

We read your cancer’s DNA

Our proprietary digital sequencing process gives us a picture of your cancer's genomics.

You and your doctor evaluate treatment options

Within 14 days, we'll deliver the genomic profile of your cancer, allowing you and your doctor to choose the treatment option right for your unique case.

Guardant Access manages billing

Financial support for eligible patients may be available through the Guardant Access program

Know your cancer. Help fight all cancer.

Your test may help the overall fight against cancer in ways we have yet to discover.

Every sample we analyze contributes invaluable information to our growing database of tumor alterations and treatment outcomes. We’re drawing a roadmap of the steps cancer may take in response to treatment. The more detail we add to this map, the sooner we can help defeat this disease.

Common Questions

What are genomic alterations and why are they important to cancer?

Genomic alterations are changes that occur within the DNA of cancer cells. Some of these changes accelerate the growth of cancer. Some respond well to specific therapies. With a clear picture of the genomic alterations in your tumor, your doctor may be able to recommend a targeted therapy. In general, targeted therapies have fewer side effects than broad-based chemotherapy. They can also be more selective in stopping the spread of a cancer when other treatments have failed.

How can knowing my cancer's genomic alterations help my treatment?

Some genomic alterations are known to respond better to specific therapies. Guardant360 looks for all these clinically relevant alterations, giving your doctor the opportunity to tailor treatment to your individual cancer.

How quickly can I expect test results?

We provide results within 2 weeks of receiving your blood sample.

Does it matter what type of cancer I have or how advanced my cancer is?

Yes. Guardant360 is only indicated for advanced solid tumors. It does not test for hematological cancers like leukemia, nor early stage disease.

Does Guardant360 predict response to chemotherapy? Can it tell me how my cancer will progress?

Today Guardant360 does not predict chemotherapy response, but it does provide information on the genomic alterations known to respond to specific targeted therapies. As cancer research progresses, new response profiles may be identified.