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Sequence Your Cancer

without a biopsy



Break free from outdated biopsies and identify treatment options for your cancer in real-time - all from a simple blood test.


This changes everything.

Track cancer in real time with GUARDANT360  and break free from biopsies

GUARDANT360 is a breakthrough test that enables comprehensive sequencing of tumor DNA using a simple blood test without the need of a risky, costly and invasive biopsy.


Genetic resistance mutations often emerge in patients with advanced cancers or after a couple of cycles of treatment.


‣ Relapse or therapeutic failure is often caused by these resistance mutations


‣ These mutations are often not present in the original biopsy


‣ Many of these mutations are actionable if detected

Which cancer do you want to treat: that at initial diagnosis or your cancer now?

Most biopsy-based tumor sequencing or genetic profiling approaches make do with existing biopsies and implicitly assume that your cancer at initial diagnosis or last biopsy is similar to your cancer now. In contrast, GUARDANT360 sequences your current cancer and is able to detect resistance mutations and other genomic alterations that may not have been present at the time of your biopsy.

Break free from biopsies in 4 easy steps:

Your physician collects a tube of blood and places the order.




We reconstruct and sequence your current cancer using tumor-derived DNA in your blood.




We generate a simple report of actionable genetic alterations with associated treatments.




Your physician can use the report to personalize your treatment options for your unique cancer.

Why is real-time cancer sequencing critical?

What the Medical Community is saying about GUARDANT360

I’m very excited that the power of non-invasive tumor sequencing will soon be available to all cancer patients through GUARDANT360.

Dr. Dave S. Hoon

John Wayne Medical Center

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GUARDANT360 has undergone clinical validation in collaboration with leading cancer centers in the United States and abroad and is being used for companion diagnostics in clinical studies of molecularly targeted drug therapies. If you are a patient or medical professional interested in additional information or applying for early access to the test please click the appropriate button below:



About Us

Guardant Health is committed to positively and significantly impacting patient health through technology breakthroughs that pointedly address long-standing unmet needs in oncology. Guardant is backed by Sequoia Capital, led by a seasoned management team comprising thought leaders and successful serial entrepreneurs in next-generation sequencing and rare-cell diagnostics and is closely advised by an oncologist-led medical steering committee from leading cancer centers across North America and abroad.


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